Important Safety Information

Landmark Coaches and Landmark Vehicle Hire Limited have been operating Coach Transport Services for just under 30 years.  Passenger safety is our No 1 priority in all of our operational and decision making processes.

Coach Travel is one of the safest ways to travel and statistically is far safer than air travel, cars, motorbikes, trams and bicycles.

Our Mobile Phone Policy can be found here –

Please feel free to contact our Office on 01462 733764 for further information regarding our safety procedures.

All aspects of driver operation and the preventative maintenance of vehicles are subject to continual risk assessment by our management team and any improvements are made in line with Health and Safety Legislation.

It should be remembered that coaches and mini buses are operated in a roadside environment which involves road traffic and the movement of pedestrians.  Whilst we lay down strict protocols to ensure that you travel in safety, we cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of individuals or groups.  Hirers should ensure that adequate supervision is provided as necessary.

All Public Service Vehicles are designed and maintained to ensure ease of access and egress and are built to Statutory Regulations, ensuring the risk of incidents throughout the vehicle are minimised:

  • Seatbelts are provided and have been Compliance certified.
  • Drivers are continually assessed to ensure competency and defensive driving techniques.
  • Drivers have laid down procedures to follow in the event of an incident happening and they have access to a 24 hour Duty Manager.

All passengers are reminded that it is the law in the UK that seat-belts must be worn at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion.  We do not accept liability for any injuries or damage caused to any person or property as a result of any passenger moving around the vehicle whilst it  is in motion.

Smoking or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on our vehicles.

We are members of the Confederation of Passenger Transport and we are a DVSA approved Training Centre for driver periodic CPC training.

Our Safety Procedures for COVID-19 can be found here –

Our General Risk Assessment can be found here –

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